Whatever your English language needs, I can offer you a learning solution that works for you.


This is how I can help you:

Fluency Coaching

If your English speaking skills are in need of a boost for whatever reason, conversation practice with me is a great way to improve your fluency.  Especially, since you’ll be doing most of the talking!

Your tailored online lessons give you:

  • immersive speaking practice
  • new vocabulary useful to YOU
  • instant feedback and correction
  • English idioms for that cherry on the cake!
  • intercultural skills and register practice

Learning English

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate, or a more advanced learner, my online lessons offer a student centered approach for every ability and learning objective.

Your bespoke online lessons offer you:

  • personalised practice in all grammar areas
  • engaging interactive learning activities
  • instant feedback and correction
  • tailored practice material and resources
  • homework to consolidate skills

Exam Preparation

Need more intensive exam practice because you’re still struggling to write PEE paragraphs for your GCSE paper, or need to get to the next Cambridge Level?



Your online tutoring sessions cover:

  • targeted exam practice
  • bitesize tasks to strengthen skills
  • interactive teaching methods
  • instant and in depth feedback
  • skills practice homework

How do online lessons work?

Online Lessons

An online lesson lasts 55 minutes and is completely designed to your individual needs so you get the maximum benefit out of your one-to-one sessions.


I currently use Skype because it allows me to share screens for interactive lesson activities whilst using the chat facility to support speaking and grammar practice.

Google Drive

You will have your own folder set up in Google Drive which you can access at any time and it allows us both to work from the same document simultaneously.